torsdag 19 december 2013

Under the sea scene (DT MiC)

Hello again!
Today's DT card is a great scene I have put together with several stamps! These are the ones I have used: Chubby Seahorse, Cute SeahorseSiren of Pearls, Siren Lorelei, Coral Sea Floor, Shipwreck, and then I have used fishes, shells, starfish and coral from this package. 

Here's my card!! I have coloured the whole scene with Distress Ink pads and also used Inka Gold Rose Quartz and Hydragea so make the pink and purple parts shimmer. I have also used a Pearl-maker to define bubbles in 3D on the scene :) 

This scene was crazy fun to colour and I bet you would love to do it too! I started off colouring the background, the water and the sand, and the shipwreck and then I coloured the sirens and at last the rest of the scene.

I hope that you will try out these gorgeous stamps in one way or another!

Happy Crafting! :)
xoxo Madeleine

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