fredag 8 maj 2015

I treasure your friendship CAS card


Soo... it seems as I have turned into a CAS cardmaking gal!! It's sooo much fun and I totally love the outcome of it :) Here's another CAS card I made for a dear friend of mine, it's actually a guy but I decided to go pastel on this one, why be traditional?! :)

Here's my card! I have used design paper from the gorgeous Madeleine collection by Bo Bunny and just sprayed some Color Bloom Pearl over it, my new favourite thing! Why not make things shiny when you CAN, right? :D

I have also been using Sparkle Medium, another one of my favourite techniques right now, over a stencil and then I cut out the heart shaped glittery paper. I used a gorgeous friendship stamp by Stempelglede that says "I treasure your friendship" and stamped it with Versamark Ink on Vellum paper and poured white embossing powder over it, before heating it. LOVE vellum!!

Well, that's about it! Here's the card :)

I think friends are the most important thing in the world, because they are the family we choose. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have such gorgeous people in my life that I have and my friends are just the absolute best! 

Take some time and send someone you love and treasure a card - I'm sure they will appreciate it! :)

Happy crafting!
xoxo Madeleine

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