söndag 20 juli 2014

A LOVE tag with three fun techniques!

Hello! I'm feeling my mojo coming back to me, it's very much welcome back!! I have played a LOT with this project, and I'm going to tell you all about it :)

Here's my tag!! I have used a Sagen Vintage napkin with gorgeous angels (I think) on. I totally fell in love with the shabby vintage colours and bought a whole package of them! I bought them for decoupage, but then I learnt about another technique using napkins, making your very own design papers! Here's what I did: I took off all the layers except the last with the motive on the napkin, put a peice of cling film on a piece of cardstock, then the single layer of napkin on top of that. Then I put on a protective paper (I used copy paper) on top and then I ironed it until the cling film had melted between the napkin and the cardstock. Done! My very own design paper! :D

When my design paper was done, I decided to do another new fun technique I've just learnt, using sticky embossing powder and glitter! I'm a HUGE fan of glitter, love it so much when things sparkle, so this is a totally Madeleine-thing now :D I stamped the whole paper with Distress Embossing ink, wet it down totally. Then I poured sticky embossing powder over it, shook it a little so there wouldn't be any powder flying around in the room when I started heating it ;) Then I heated it with my heating gun, and then the embossing powder becomes sticky (therefor the name of the product - Sticky) like glue! So I poured some Stickles Dry Fine Glitter Diamond (OMG, it's the best glitter in the WORLD!), shook it off a little and then heated the paper again. It's sooo delicious I almost wanna eat my paper LOL! :D (I know people might laugh at my enthusiasm, but I know you crafters TOTALLY understand what I mean :D )

Okay, the third thing I tried was another new thing I made up myself! I cut out the word Love of Tim Holtz Vintage Market die and Once upon a time die on cardstock, then I put on some Glossy accent, heated it a little to speed up the drying time and then I put some more Glossy Accent on and poured glitter over the letters! Heated it a little again to speed up the drying time and then they were done! I have enhanced the image so I hope you can see the embossed letters a little :D

The butterfly is cut with MemoryBox Swirl Butterfly. I used the same embossing/glitter technique with that one too. I have used a gorgeous pearl lace that I have bought at Live and Love Crafts (BEAUTIFUL store, owned by a Swedish woman too ;) ).

I totally loved making this tag, if you try these techniques as I have done with this tag, I can bet my left arm (I'm right-handed, don't wanna put to much pressure on me LOL) you're going to have as much fun as I did! :D

Happy Crafting!
xoxo Madeleine

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  1. wow this is so beautiful.
    hugs Katharina

  2. Härligt att du har fått tillbaks din mojo. Älskar allt glitter tagen är underbar, kul ide med bokstäverna supersnyggt det måste testas. Dom fina blommorna längst ned var har du köpt dom?