onsdag 18 juni 2014

LOVE (Decoupage)


Today I am blogging a very different project from what I usually do - cards. I have recently moved and decided to decorate my home in a shabby chic style and wanted to do most of the decorations myself by using decoupage! This is my very first project and I am so happy about it! It was sooo relaxing doing it and it wasn't hard at all ;) Plus the gorgeous result shows immediately!

Here's the letters in wood I made decoupage on. I put them in the window in my bathroom, thought my bathroom needed a little love ;) 

I bought the letters about 3 years ago from Jotex and cleaned them before applying the decoupage glue. Since they were white already I didn't have to paint them. The napkins are from the brand "Sagen Vintage Design".

A final photo!

Thank you for stopping by, hope you have a happy crafting time! :)

xoxo Madeleine

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